Megan Foxx

Megan Foxx


Say what you will about porno sluts who take their stage names from real celebrities, but we at Exposed Whores always put performance above name recognition when it comes to finding juicy little sluts to splooge over. As for the highly fuckable Megan Foxx, we don’t care if she wasn’t in those Transformer films, because she transforms every soft willy into a solid-as-steel cock rocket, and every dry vagina into a geyser of pussy juice. A delectable little teen who might not stand tall, Megan makes up for her height with a fresh, ample body that’s ripe for groping and prodding. Her firm B-cup tits are the perfect afternoon snack, before going downtown to dine on her fresh-as-daisies vagina. This fuck doll also has one of the most squeezable and fondle-worthy asses in the biz, like an overripe plum you’d sink your teeth into and let the juices drip down your chin. Megan was born in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, a historic site for Civil War buffs. Megan was less interested in History and more interested in subjects like Biology and Physical Education, so she ditched her hometown and headed to the land of sunny beaches, slutty parties, and hot orgies. In her short time in the game, Megan has learned to love sucking big black dick, eating out girly asshole, getting guys to worship her feet, and simply taking it extra hard and deep in every hole she’s got.


Aug 09, 1988
Birth Location
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania,
5 ft 3 in
120 lbs

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